Meet Our Team.

An experienced team of professionals who have established profitable working relationships with our investors


Kevin Wang

Real Estate Investment / Developer

Kevin Wang is the principal and founding partner of Wang Brothers Investments. He has over 20 years of real estate experience. Starting invested in residential real estate market and in 2012 started his real estate investment company, Wang Brothers investments, and began investing in commercial real estate and development project. Since 2012, WBI has purchased improved, and sold over $48 million dollars project nationwide.

He has been responsible for overall leadership, growth, direction, cash management and strategic planning for numbers of real estate project and knows how to maximize positive outcomes for the projects while minimize tax liability using different programs such as 1031 Exchange or Cost Segregation.

Kevin holds Master of Business Administration from St. Mary’s College and has held a Building Classification General Contractors license in California since 2016.


As President of Wang Brothers Investments, LLC, Kevin’s operational function includes:

  • Widespread experience of working in all phases of real estate development including ground-up development, acquisition, construction, demolition, and redevelopment.
  • Decision making of the company on property development, management, buying, selling Residential and Commercial Property, including industrial and mixed used development.
  • In-depth knowledge of real estate industry trends across the nation.
  • Knowledge of the latest rules and regulations defined by the Federal Association of Planning and Development.
  • Keeping good connection with brokers and lenders on a national level, and City Officials
  • Strategic Planning and evaluating of each project before making the offer
  • Review projections of each project, calculate LOI , CAP rate and IRR during planning period
  • Understanding the Environmental aspect of each project
  • Review Appraisal report and Financial Projections for each project
  • Work with many different banks for property financing, budget planning, including working with architects and contractors.
  • Understanding of the 1031 exchange rules and tax regulation to reduce tax liability
  • Review bank loan rates and options to secure the best financial advantage of the company
  • Work directly with Attorneys for property legal issue
  • Negotiate price based on inspection report, understanding market value, economic demand
  • Development skills, work with Architecture company to find a feasible plan for the development
  • Tenant relations in negotiating lease terms based on market trend